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15 Machine Learning projects to help you get the best job!

With the cut-throat competition in the industry for high-paying Machine Learning jobs, a boring resume won’t help you. But, what if we told you a simple addition to your resume could propel your chances of getting a well-paid Machine Learning job? Keep reading, and we’ll tell you why Machine Learning matters as we take you through a list of the hottest project ideas that will give you a chance to showcase your Machine Learning skills.

Machine Learning, a branch of AI, is the field of computer science that enables applications to predict outcomes accurately, without any explicit programming. In other words, it allows computers to carry out tasks that have so far only been performed by humans. ML makes computers more similar to humans, giving them the ability to learn through historical data (as input) to predict new outcomes.

But why is it so coveted?

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Data Science are the most sought-after fields in technology today. Although ML has existed for many years, the renewed interest in it is due to various factors such as:

  • The growing volumes and varieties of available data in the form of images, speech, video and text enable the training of machine-learning systems.
  • Cheaper and more powerful computational processing (thanks to novel GPUs) help the creation of machine-learning powerhouses.
  • Affordable storage for data.

From agriculture to retail, healthcare, and the energy sector, several industries are leveraging ML to stay ahead of their competitors. Some common applications of ML include:

  • Patient’s health assessment in real-time in healthcare.
  • Driverless cars, drones and delivery robots.
  • Facial recognition for surveillance.
  • Fraud prevention and data analysis in finance.
  • Personalised recommendations in retail.

15 projects to help you get the best Machine Learning job out there

Now that you know why ML is in high demand: let’s look at a few Machine Learning project ideas to help you take your resume to the next level.

1. Detecting depression through social media posts

In this project, you can use the process of Sentiment Analysis (SA) to detect signs of depression in a social media text. The main goal will be to implement SA on a vast selection of posts and categorise them based on:

  • Polarity: Text inflexion (negative, positive or neutral).
  • Urgency: Criticality of the text.
  • Emotion: Sadness, happiness, anger, etc.
  • Intention: Level of interest

2. Stock forecasting using Dash

Under this Python Machine Learning project, you can build a web application by combining ML models and Dash (a Python framework) that will help traders predict future stock prices for a given data. Dash can help display a company’s data and show plots based on the stock code input by the user. On the other hand, the ML model can perform the prediction analysis.

3. Sales forecasting in retail

Forecasting sales depends on several factors like past sales, seasonal offers, holidays, etc., and directs staff and inventory requirements. Under this AI and Machine Learning project, you can use retail datasets that contain customer data like name, sales, holidays, and more. You can then use algorithms like Stochastic Gradient Descent and Decision Tree Regressor to:

  • Assign missing data points,
  • Eliminate anomalies; and
  • Convert data into numerical for easy analysis.

4. Video to text summarisation using neural network

There is a growing demand for video summarisation in marketing and advertising agencies. This mainly entails consolidating data in a structure that concentrates on parts that emphasise facts and relevant data. You can use Deep Learning techniques like 3D-CNN (three-dimensional convolutional networks), RNN (recurrent neural network), LSTM (long short-term memory networks) for the project.

5. Meeting summary generator

There will always be a need for written meeting summaries in every company. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques and voice recognition APIs, you can create an app that extracts information from conversations based on statistical, linguistic, and sentimental aspects to give a summary as a result.

6. Email filtering

Try using day-to-day emails tagged as spam and not spam as a dataset for this AI and Machine Learning project idea. The data must undergo preprocessing steps like stop words removal and vectorisation, returning data in a vector form. Use the logistic regression algorithm to train the model to classify emails based on mail content, specific signatures, and suspicious patterns.

7. An ML preprocessing CLI

Data preprocessing ensures your ML model can understand a dataset. However, it is a tedious process for many developers. This is a simple yet great Python Machine Learning project for Python developers to master their Machine Learning skills on OOPS, exception handling, and Pandas. By applying the following preprocessing steps, you will build a CLI tool that reduces preprocessing time.

  • Handling NULL values
  • Encoding Categorical Data
  • Feature Scaling

8. Song recommender chatbot

Use collaborative APIs like Last.FM, IBM tone analyser, or Vokaturi to build a chatbot that offers song recommendations by analysing your tone during a conversation. This project is sure to enhance your Machine Learning skills and impress recruiters as employers seek out developers who can build interesting chatbots.

9. Language translator using Deep Learning

This project will grab the attention of companies involved in international trade, discourses, education, and media, where people interact without a common language. You can use Neural Nets like LSTMs and sequenced RNNs with an encoder-decoder model to create an app that translates text or speech from one language to another.

10. Credit card anomalies detector

Build an app that detects and stops fraudulent credit card transactions and charges people only for valid transactions. You can use a dataset that contains details of legal and fraudulent transactions for this project. Use a conjugated model of neural networks and autoencoders. Measure its accuracy using Mean Squared Error (MSE) with the ggplot2 package.

11. Weather forecasting app

This project may be a little complex as your application must consider past weather data and related parameters like wind pressure, overcast, wind speed etc. But if you are up to the challenge, you can use time-series data models like SARIMA or Seasonal ARIMA model for the project.

12. An OCR model in Python

This is another great Python Machine Learning project idea that can help you boost your resume. An Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system needs extensive training and fine-tuning parameters to identify the letters and digits in a handwritten document or bill. You can use:

  • Labelling tool in Python for labelling.
  • YOLOv4 algorithm to detect the invoice number, date and total bill amount.
  • Tesseract to read text from the detected fields.

13. Restoring old photos or images

Wouldn’t people love to get back old photos that hold beloved memories? Well, you can help them restore them with this project. Deep Learning can also help find all image defects like crinkles, scuffs, and holes, while Inpainting algorithms can detect defects based on pixel values, helping restore and colourise the old photos.

14. Clustering customer reviews from Twitter

Using the topic modelling technique, you can filter and cluster tweets into different classes, signifying the dominant customer opinion for a particular company. You can use the k-means clustering learning algorithm to execute this project.

15. Self-driving car system

Attract some of the best Machine Learning jobs offered with this project. By implementing Deep Learning and Neural Networks, build a system that crunches sensor inputs to guide the vehicle to respond to a red light or a human walking across the crosswalk.

Final word

If you are one of the enthusiastic souls who want to enter the world of ML, you must know how vital Machine Learning skills are to most companies today. We hope you use these project ideas as a general guide and effectively enhance your resume for the best Machine Learning job.

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